Northeast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat


I had such a memorable experience at my first Northeast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat at the Easton Mountain Retreat Center in upstate NY! It was such a great combination of weather, location, people, food, and fun that I certainly won’t ever forget it. I really didn’t know what to expect since I had only ever been to the Southeast Men’s Knitting Retreats and also to the Purl’s Yarn Emporium Spring knitting retreats but once I settled in (within the first 30 seconds) I was hooked. Joe and Aaron did an amazing job organizing everything!!!

I took the time to test a few of my film cameras out at the retreat (yet another hobby). In addition to using my iPhone 8 plus (which has a great camera on it), I also used my Asahi Pentax 110 SLR film camera and my Polaroid PZ2300 point and shoot film camera. I created a photo album of all of the photos I took (both digital and film) and uploaded them to Flickr. I also made a quick little video from some of the photos I took

While at the retreat, we took a field trip to the Adirondak Wool and Arts Festival in Washington County, NY. I also got some lovely yarn there from one of the vendors. I’m sure it’ll take me a year to figure out what I’ll use it for, but for now, it’s a part of my yarn collection 🙂


I also took a great interest in weaving while there and am seriously considering getting a rigid heddle loom and experimenting with it.


I’m hoping I’ll get to go to the next retreat at Easton Mountain. Can’t wait! (Group photo by Joe Wilcox)

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