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Seattle Seahawks hat for 2 year old

Made this cute little hat this evening and used lambs pride wool and a 5.5 mm bamboo crochet hook. I found this wonderful website that has a lot of different crochet patterns for children’s hats.



Owl hat

made this little owl had for Dashiell Finn’s 1st birthday gift 🙂

Garnet & Black Hat

I put this hat together in about 3-4 hours. Here is the brim finished on the adult size loom.

From No Needle Knitting

Here is what the inside looks like while the knitting is in process.

From No Needle Knitting

I used Yarn Bee Boucle Traditions Brushed yarn in cranberry and black doing two strands at a time.

From No Needle Knitting

The finished hat turned out to be a really good size – even long enough to flip up the brim! The brim is 12 lines and the body is 31 lines.

From No Needle Knitting

and here’s a close-up of the stitches

From No Needle Knitting

Plum cap on me

thanks to Martha for MAKING me post a photo of the plum cap on… enjoy. now that it is on, i could have made it 3 or 4 rows longer…

From No Needle Knitting

Plum winter cap

I made this hat on my adult size round loom using Bernat roving plum yarn. The brim is 14 lines of e-stitches and the top part is 26 lines of alternating e-stitches and knit stitches.

From No Needle Knitting
From No Needle Knitting

Welcome to No Needle Knitting!

After visiting lots and lots of loom and board knitting sites I finally decided to just start my own site about my new fun hobby. I’ve never tried to knit with needles so I figured this would be a good title: No Needle Knitting. I plan to add photos of my knitting projects here with basic comments about each one. Please feel free to comment or ask questions!

Here is a recent project I finished yesterday morning. It is a super bulky hat made of brown Lion Brand wool (Wool-Ease Thick & Quick). The brim is 10 lines total and above the brim is 28 lines. I used the adult hat size Darice loom I bought from I think it will make a nice Christmas gift!  The other little hat behind the unfinished one was a mistake.  I guess I could add some ear flaps to it and give it to some kid, but nah…

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