Blue Silk Mohair Scarf

Made this loom knitted scarf for Saskia from fine silk mohair yarn.   Update: I made this scarf using the smallest (blue) circular loom knitting loom only using every other peg.  There was no pattern so just keep going till it's long enough then cast off and tie ends in knots.  It's that simple 🙂

my blue phase…

actually I made this for a cousin! I took two big and flashy yarns and turned them into a big and flashy scarf! For this scarf I used two Italian yarns: Filatura di Crosa Fancy Bocciolo and Cascase Yarns Lapin. I hope she likes it! From No Needle Knitting From No Needle Knitting From No... Continue Reading →

Blue Bamboo

Here is a very simple tube scarf I did on the small round loom. I used hobby lobby bamboo yarn. I also used a double e-stitch and skipped a peg after every two stitches.

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