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Fossilized alligator dermal scute pendants and earrings 

I finally finished making these 15 necklaces and two pairs of earrings that were commissioned by my friend Caroline of fossilized dermal scutes (osteoderm fossils) from alligators (I think from the Pleistocene era) that she found at Edisto beach (technically, they’re fresh dermal scutes but being fossilized sounds better)…  I used a variety of beads and basic necklace cords and wrapped them​ with copper wire and silver wire. I might have to go down to the beach to find more to make and sell online!





I’ve been making more earrings on library catalog cards!

What a perfect gift for the librarian or avid book lover! Each recycled library card comes with three sets of earrings. Visit my Etsy store to find these and more!

Earrings on a Library Catalog Card

I have a ton of old library catalog cards and have finally found a great use for them! I’m displaying and selling sets of three earrings and using the cards to market and display them!  Here are some samples.  You can find them all in my online Etsy shop 🙂

Earrings for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been working on these handmade earwires this weekend and posted these three sets of earrings to my Etsy shop.  Enjoy!


Copper Earrings

My first set of earrings that I made the ear wires for. I used 20 gauge copper wire and various beads. And yes, I used old library catalog cards to display them.







Finished making 8 sets of earrings today!

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