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Spring scarf

Made this over the weekend with some beautiful yarn. No pattern. Just hdc all the way. Used the mohair yarn with each of the other two alternating yarns. image image image image image image image image


Lana bambu purples scarf

I used this wonderful Lana bambu yarn to make this scarf. The stitch is a half double crochet through the back loop which makes little ridges and gives the fabric a wonderful texture.





Shell stitch scarf

I’m finally getting around to posting his finished scarf. This is from one huge hank of bamboo wrapped wool yarn I got from the Fibre Studio Shop in Charlotte NC. I think it was 720 yds. I can’t find the label but remember it was five ply sport weight. The yarn was a little difficult to work with at first but I got use to it.




Clemson dishcloth

Made this Clemson colors dishcloth this morning in bamboo and cotton yarn. I used the Tunisian simple stitch and did a basic crochet border.


Bright bamboo scarf

This is a bright bamboo fiber scarf. I used a basic shell crochet stitch.





Blue Bamboo

Here is a very simple tube scarf I did on the small round
loom. I used hobby lobby bamboo yarn. I also used a double e-stitch
and skipped a peg after every two stitches.

Bamboo Scarf

Ok, so i’ve been posting too many round loom projects! Here’s a knitting board one. For this scarf I used two skeins of Hobby Lobby Bamboospun Yarn (148 yards each). Using the knitting board is great because it creates a double sided piece so it looks the same on both sides.  I used the open rib stitch on this scarf.

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