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Blue Silk Mohair Scarf

Made this loom knitted scarf for Saskia from fine silk mohair yarn.




Update: I made this scarf using the smallest (blue) circular loom knitting loom only using every other peg.  There was no pattern so just keep going till it’s long enough then cast off and tie ends in knots.  It’s that simple 🙂


Pretty Mandy

Mandy is looking like one beautiful bitch in the sweater I made her on a round knitting loom 🙂



my blue phase…

actually I made this for a cousin! I took two big and flashy yarns and turned them into a big and flashy scarf! For this scarf I used two Italian yarns: Filatura di Crosa Fancy Bocciolo and Cascase Yarns Lapin. I hope she likes it!

From No Needle Knitting
From No Needle Knitting
From No Needle Knitting


Finally finished my beautiful llama/merino/donegal scarf!

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Green scarf

I’ve decided to try something different for a scarf. I started it early this morning and am using the largest round loom with lion brand thick and quick grass colored yarn. I’m only using 15 pegs for the width and am having a little bit of difficulty with curling but maybe when it is done i can stretch it all out and it will go away :). Anyway it seems to be turning out pretty nicely with just a basic e-stitch.

Blue Bamboo

Here is a very simple tube scarf I did on the small round
loom. I used hobby lobby bamboo yarn. I also used a double e-stitch
and skipped a peg after every two stitches.

Garnet & Black Hat

I put this hat together in about 3-4 hours. Here is the brim finished on the adult size loom.

From No Needle Knitting

Here is what the inside looks like while the knitting is in process.

From No Needle Knitting

I used Yarn Bee Boucle Traditions Brushed yarn in cranberry and black doing two strands at a time.

From No Needle Knitting

The finished hat turned out to be a really good size – even long enough to flip up the brim! The brim is 12 lines and the body is 31 lines.

From No Needle Knitting

and here’s a close-up of the stitches

From No Needle Knitting

Plum cap on me

thanks to Martha for MAKING me post a photo of the plum cap on… enjoy. now that it is on, i could have made it 3 or 4 rows longer…

From No Needle Knitting

Plum winter cap

I made this hat on my adult size round loom using Bernat roving plum yarn. The brim is 14 lines of e-stitches and the top part is 26 lines of alternating e-stitches and knit stitches.

From No Needle Knitting
From No Needle Knitting

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