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Last year I took a collage class and am just now really getting more into it. I’m using old books, postage stamps, magazines, metal leaf, oil paint, and various papers like Japanese origami paper on canvas board. Here are some of my recent works.

The Lord’s Supper

The Poetry of Freedom



From East to West

Green wrap

Made this wrap on my knitting machine. 

Dark Green Scarf

I finally finished this scarf using echo view fiber mill 100% merino wool in a mini bean stitch. I also used a size J crochet hook. The wool is incredibly soft and this will make a really nice scarf for someone.

Pink baby blanket on the knitting machine

This baby blanket only took four nights to create on my brother KX-350 knitting machine. I used a basic acrylic yarn and crocheted a single, half double, double crochet border around it. The border was a little too bunched up so I know now for next time to skip every third row when making the border. I used 120 hooks on the machine and knitted 150 rows on tension dial number eight.

Covered stone

Thread crochet at the beach. 

Thread crochet beach stone

This afternoon’s creation…

Thread crochet at the beach 

I love to sit near the beach and find stones and coral to cover with thread. No patterns. Just fun. 

Chunky purple bean stitch scarf

I used a chunky cascade yarn for this scarf in a mini bean stitch. This is the first time I have tried the stitch and it worked up very quickly and was easy to learn. You can watch the tutorial here on YouTube.

Super chunky purple scarf

For this scarf I used two skeins of cascade Covington wool and acrylic blend yarn. I used a size 10 mm crochet hook and the stitch is a linen stitch.

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