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Iris lace scarf

I’m really happy with how this scarf turned out! The yarn is beautiful and worked up great. It’s Claudia Hand painted yarns silky wool lace and I decided to use a G hook. The stitch is an iris stitch and is easy to do. You can watch this video to learn how to do it. After I finished the whole scarf I added a scalloped edge with 7 double crochets in every other side loop. Then I added the fringe with 5 strands in each empty space.


Light green scarf

I can’t remember the exact name of this yarn but it is a cotton linen blend. I crocheted the scarf in a mini been stitch and a size H crochet hook.

Green wrap

Made this wrap on my knitting machine. 

Green tuck lace shawl

I had some beautiful silk and wool yarn blend that I decided to make a tuck lace shawl out of on my brother KX350 knitting machine. I used 60 needles and started with an E wrap and did the first 10 rows plain then for the tuck lace stitch I put on hold every third needle and did three passes then three passes off hold. I set the tension dial to 5. The length is 526 rows. Then I wet blocked it overnight. I noticed when I blocked it there were a few places on the edges that the needles did not pick up fully so I had to make some minor repairs. Overall I think it turned out OK.

Green dish cloth with crocheted edging

This is the second dish cloth that I have made on the knitting machine. I used Maysville carpet warp and the color is myrtle green.  I knitted 60 rows on 40 hooks. I decided to set the tension at three and like it a lot better than the previous dish cloth tension setting which was 6. I crocheted the edging with a size D metal crochet hook in a shell stitch pattern.

Child’s donegal hat

Here is a child’s hat (6-12 months) I made with hand dyed Monte Donegal yarn made of alpaca and merino wool using this pattern.


Hat for me!

Finally took a break from making gift hats and made one for myself using Mochi Plus yarn and this pattern for size adult-medium. I also used my new larger size Clover pompon maker! It really makes the best ones 🙂

Newborn hat in blue and green

Here’s a hat I made using a free newborn full length half double crochet pattern from It was very easy to create and I think will work great for a newborn!


Lopi Tunisian Simple Stitch Sweater

Well it’s been about two months, but I’ve finally finished my first sweater! And I think it turned out really nice! I use green Lopi wool (took about 11 skeins) and the zipper is brass that my sister sewed in for me. I used a free Ravelry pattern that is called Tunisian Rib Stitch Zip Front Cardigan by Treva McCain. You can download it here for free. However, I only used the basic shapes and sizes from the pattern and made the collar larger to fit the zipper I bought online which was 34 inches. I also used a size K tunisian crochet hook. I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

  The above picture is lining up the zipper with pins before it gets sewn in.
  Karen has a Bernina Limited.  It’s the fanciest sewing machine I’ve ever seen.
  we picked out the green thread on the left.
  This is a photo before the zipper got put in. I was trying to see how much more border I needed to add.

This photo is right after I finished putting the arms and panels together. I used a single crochet stitch all around with the same yarn.


This was a photo of just the back panel and one of the front panels completed.

 I used my Icelandic Lopi sweater as a size guide to make sure it was going to look ok.

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