Baby blanket in pinks

I made this simple baby blanket in a linen stitch. No pattern either ­čÖé the yarn is acrylic (3 large skeins) and an I hook. It only took about three weeks which is quick for me.

Pink tube scarf

I used this wonderful sock yarn I found in my stash to create this tube scarf. I finished the ends by using waste yarn and crocheting them together.

Homespun afghan

Got some yarn sale yarn from my friend Teresa and think that most of it was Lion Brand Homespun. I decided to make a giant granny square afghan and I think it turned out great!

Countryside scarf

This nice long scarf only took a couple of days to make. I used a simple fan stitch and used three balls of Sundance Countryside wool/mohair/acrylic yarn. However, because I hardly ever use patterns, I now have one ball leftover. Tassels? Maybe. I have 4 balls of another color so I'll just make it wider!

Soft dune scarf

This is a very soft yarn because it's a two strand yarn and one strand is mohair. The other strand is flashy making for a neat combination. I used a basic fan stitch and two skeins of Dune by Trendsetter Yarns.

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