Homespun afghan

Got some yarn sale yarn from my friend Teresa and think that most of it was Lion Brand Homespun. I decided to make a giant granny square afghan and I think it turned out great!

Countryside scarf

This nice long scarf only took a couple of days to make. I used a simple fan stitch and used three balls of Sundance Countryside wool/mohair/acrylic yarn. However, because I hardly ever use patterns, I now have one ball leftover. Tassels? Maybe. I have 4 balls of another color so I'll just make it wider!

Soft dune scarf

This is a very soft yarn because it's a two strand yarn and one strand is mohair. The other strand is flashy making for a neat combination. I used a basic fan stitch and two skeins of Dune by Trendsetter Yarns.

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