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Chunky purple bean stitch scarf

I used a chunky cascade yarn for this scarf in a mini bean stitch. This is the first time I have tried the stitch and it worked up very quickly and was easy to learn. You can watch the tutorial here on YouTube.


Super chunky purple scarf

For this scarf I used two skeins of cascade Covington wool and acrylic blend yarn. I used a size 10 mm crochet hook and the stitch is a linen stitch.

Purple Dragon curled scarf

So I have been attempting to make scarves on my new knitting machine, however all of the sides end up very curled. I even blocked this for overnight and steamed it but it still doesn’t take out the curl.  So if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. This is a purple curled scarf with fringe on each end.

New knitting machine

So I finally broke down and purchased a vintage Brother KX-350 knitting machine. But before I did, I got some wonderful advice from One Hook Productions creator, Mike Horwath! 

It’s been a fun adventure because I’ve had to do some cleaning and repairs before I could us the machine. In the photos you can see that I had to remove the back panels and remove the old sponge bar and replace it after cleaning the channel out with denatured alcohol. 

I also had to remove, clean, and inspect all of the hooks. Luckily I only had to replace one! 

So I decided after everything seemed to be in working order I’d use some old yarn in my stash and test everything out. As you can see, it works! This is my first piece of work on a knitting machine and it only took one evening and next morning to complete (because I did the edge in a basic double crochet). So I guess you could say I’m hooked!

Mochi plus hat

This is a hat I made for a one-year-old using this pattern for 12-24 months in half double crochet. I used the entire skein of Mochi Plus Violets Rainbow yarn and turned out really great! Another gift finished 🙂

And here’s a photo of Jin in his new little birthday hat!


Lana bambu purples scarf

I used this wonderful Lana bambu yarn to make this scarf. The stitch is a half double crochet through the back loop which makes little ridges and gives the fabric a wonderful texture.





Clemson dishcloth

Made this Clemson colors dishcloth this morning in bamboo and cotton yarn. I used the Tunisian simple stitch and did a basic crochet border.


Tunisian dishcloth

Finished this in one evening! I’m getting better at doing a Tunisian crochet simple stitch.





Purple scarf

I made this scarf out of loops and threads Santa fe striped roving yarn and used a basic half double crochet stitch throughout. I also used a larger K hook so it would be more open and airy.





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