Eighth annual Southeast Men’s Knitting Retreat

Yet again I had another wonderful long weekend at the men’s knitting retreat that was held at Asbury Hills Methodist retreat center in Cleveland South Carolina on October 25 through the 28, 2018. There were 26 of us from all over the country including Seattle, Washington! There were a number of classes and we also took a field trip to the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) in Fletcher, North Carolina, then we had a wonderful and fun dinner out together in Hendersonville, North Carolina before returning to the retreat center. Enjoy the photos and if you want any more information on men’s knitting retreats just visit the website. Also, if you are on Facebook you can join not only the south east men’s letting retreat group, but also many other men’s knitting retreat groups across the country. I also would like to think Luna Lola for providing gift bags for all of the attendees! It was a wonderful treat! Thanks Rusty for another fun time!!!

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