Southeast men’s knitting retreat

Well I am back home after a wonderful weekend at the southeast men’s knitting retreat at Asbury Hills Methodist campground in Greenville County South Carolina. We had a great turnout with 20 attendees and I got lots of projects worked on and some new project started. We visited two wonderful yarn shops in Greenville. Yarn and Y’all was a great shop and we also went to my favorite Greenville yarn shop called The Needle Tree. Asbury Hills was a really great facility and we had two different cottages and had all of our classes and meals in the main dining hall. And Friday night we also went out to dinner at Trio brick oven Café in downtown Greenville South Carolina. The food was also particularly good at the retreat center. I already miss everybody and I’m looking forward to next years retreat.

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  1. Everyone looks seem to really be enjoying themselves! The retreat facilities look so nice and atmospheric! Even some of the yarn is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Looks you all had a great weekend! All of us at The NeedleTree, me,Mom, and the four-legged staff, enjoyed having you all visit!

  3. Thanks for sharing.

    I am having fun with the loom you loaned me.

    Practice, practice and more practice.


    P.O. Box 2724

    Columbia, SC 29202

    (803) 422-5719

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