Hand knotting project

This has been an undertaking! My mom gave me her old double strand of beads with a vintage onyx clasp from the 60’s to clean up and repair. Unfortunately the beads were so old, the coating was coming off so I decided to get all new beads and learn how to knot them. After a few lessons in knotting from my friend Clay Burnette, I found that Griffin silk cord in size 8 was the best option. I knotted each strand, cleaned the clasp, and created a whole new necklace just in time for Valentine’s day.

Laying out the beads before knotting:


Below is the original clasp with some original beads:


Griffin silk cord, size 8 and starting the knotting:


vintage clasp cleaned and ready:


after knotting both strands, I used glue to make sure the findings would stay in place:


Close up of clasp on finished necklace:


And finally, the finished necklace!


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