Welcome to No Needle Knitting!

After visiting lots and lots of loom and board knitting sites I finally decided to just start my own site about my new fun hobby. I’ve never tried to knit with needles so I figured this would be a good title: No Needle Knitting. I plan to add photos of my knitting projects here with basic comments about each one. Please feel free to comment or ask questions!

Here is a recent project I finished yesterday morning. It is a super bulky hat made of brown Lion Brand wool (Wool-Ease Thick & Quick). The brim is 10 lines total and above the brim is 28 lines. I used the adult hat size Darice loom I bought from amazon.com. I think it will make a nice Christmas gift!  The other little hat behind the unfinished one was a mistake.  I guess I could add some ear flaps to it and give it to some kid, but nah…

2 thoughts on “Welcome to No Needle Knitting!

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  1. That is a pretty cool hat. I like it. I am going to show it to my grandson, Jacob. He loves learning how to do things and specially if he can see them online. I thought him how to crochet and he sold scarfs at school. He also makes wallets and purses out of tape.

  2. What a great idea! I’ll look forward to reading your posts. You’re inspiring me to be more creative. Thanks for the technical assistance you gave me.

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