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Mochi plus hat

This is a hat I made for a one-year-old using this pattern for 12-24 months in half double crochet. I used the entire skein of Mochi Plus Violets Rainbow yarn and turned out really great! Another gift finished 🙂

And here’s a photo of Jin in his new little birthday hat!



Newborn hat in blue and green

Here’s a hat I made using a free newborn full length half double crochet pattern from It was very easy to create and I think will work great for a newborn!


Tiger eye scarf

I was in Washington DC over the weekend for the national book festival. I ventured out to find Stitch DC, which is a great little yarn and knitting shop, to work on a scarf project. While I’m sitting there I hear someone say my name so I look up and there is Janet! We figured out that we had not seen each other in 24 years. How crazy to just happen to run into one another!!! We had a great time catching up while she was taking a knitting class 🙂

This scarf’s name is inspired by Janet’s comment that it was the color of tiger eye. I used a great Italian tweed yard and used a half double crochet stitch through the back loop.





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